Billi Quadra/Quadra Plus

Billi Quadra & Quadra Plus

Billi underbench drinking water appliances

Billi Quadra

Billi QuadraThe ultimate in drinking water appliances! The Billi Quadra offers you the convenience of an instant supply of refreshingly clean filtered water, both boiling and chilled, at the touch of a lever.

A design concept that has won numerous accolades over the years, the Billi Quadra not only boasts indispensable functionality but also timeless styling. The dispenser tap is visually impressive and easy to accommodate. Its dual colour-coded levers control the flow of boiling and chilled water. Their operation is both intuitive and safe.

The neat underbench installation is a model in space-saving efficiency. The Billi Quadra is only half the size of many other underbench units, so it fits comfortably within standard shelf compartments.

But safety is first and foremost. The Billi Quadra is equipped with a watertight base tray and specially-designed leakguard detection system. In the event that an internal leak occurs the water supply is instantly shut off.

Aqua-Tech offers fast and reliable service on Billi Quadras as well as all other Billi models. Most importantly, when you purchase a Billi Quadra you have the confidence of knowing that your appliance is covered by a 24 month warranty on parts and workmanship.

Download the Billi Quadra brochure for more information.


Billi Quadra Brochure

Specification Sheet Billi Quadra

PDF Brochure


Billi Quadra Plus Taps

Billi Quadra Plus

In addition to all the above features, the Billi Quadra Plus offers an additional functionality: via a separate sink mixer tap that also connects to the unit, a generous supply of hot water can be instantly drawn on for other purposes such as washing dishes.

The Billi Quadra Plus effectively removes the need for a separate hot water system under the bench.

Download the Billi Quadra Plus brochure for more information.

Billi Quadra Plus Brochure

Specification Sheet Billi Quadra Plus

PDF Brochure



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