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Trouble-free drinking water solutions for your workplace

Trouble-free drinking water solutions for your workplace

Stream 'Glacier' High Capacity Water Chillers

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Powerful Machines for Producing Large Quantities of Chilled Drinking Water

Stream Glacier is the perfect solution for applications that require very high volumes of chilled water, such as mining, agriculture, education and hospitality. Capable of delivering quantities from 160 to 500 litres of chilled water instantaneously, these powerful machines can meet the most excessive demands during the busiest peak times.

Stream Glacier potoThe secret to the enormous capacity of Stream Glacier machines is the combination of direct chill technology with an ice bank cooling system. These machines are designed to operate effectively in temperatures of 40°C.

Stream Glacier appliances can be connected to any kind of dispenser tap, drinking trough, ice maker or other machine, to meet your specific requirements.

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European made. Carefully selected to suit the needs of Australian people.

Glacier GL1300

  • Chilling capacity 50 L/hr
  • Ice Bank 160 L plus
  • Instant delivery

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