Classic 1000

Classic 1000

Stream Classic

Classic Chilled/Ambient Water Dispenser

Experience the numerous benefits of having pure, filtered drinking water on tap. By making nature's most precious resource more conveniently available, Classic water coolers also improve health, increase productivity and boost morale.

Simplicity of styling allows the Classic models to suit almost any environment.

Classic 1000 standardThe Classic 1000 conveniently offers an instant supply of pure drinking water, both chilled and ambient. This unit connects to your mains water supply, so that ongoing costs are almost non-existent!

  • Lever action dispenser taps guarantee fast and consistent delivery
  • Large capacity drip tray
  • Overall dimensions (including cup holder) 42cm W x 32cm D x 103cm H
  • Chilled water temperature 6°C+
  • Stainless steel chiller tank contains 3.4 litres
  • Chilling capacity 20 litres per hour
  • Cup holder for plastic disposable cups

Advanced 3-Stage Filtration
3 stage filtration system neatly fits in the base of the unitNeatly contained within the lower compartment of the cooler is our advanced triple-stage filtration system. Source water passes through all three stages of filtration to produce a drinking water of exceptional quality and taste.

Stage 1 - Sediment filtration removes fine particles from the source water, including dirt, rust, sand and scale.
Stage 2 - Granular activated carbon filtration removes harmful chemicals such as chlorine, as well as other contaminants that can adversely affect the taste and smell of the water.
Stage 3 - Lastly, ultra-fine carbon block filtration performs a polishing action, enhancing the quality and taste of your drinking water.

With over 20 years of experience in the drinking water industry, Aqua-Tech has earned a reputation for the highest quality products and the most reliable service. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.


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